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My 5 favorite jewellery tips


As a jewellery designer I love to experiment with different kind of styles and jewelry combinations. The more your jewelry collection grows, the more complicated it can get to style your pieces in the right way. These are my 5 styling tips and tricks that always works:

  1. Chose necklaces that match your neckline.

It’s all about balance when you wear necklaces. A turtleneck will look great with a longer chain and pendant but for a V-neck, consider a shorter pendant necklace that fits right in the V shaped neckline.

  1. Layer it up!

I love layering necklaces, rings and bracelets as this gives such a personal touch to your look. There are no rules, just try on different combinations and see what works for you.

  1. Put some extra thought on the earrings.

For me, earrings are super important. Earrings are always in the field of vision for anyone talking to you so pick out a pair that compliments your hair, skin colour and face shape. Keep it simple with a statement earring or add multiple earrings if you have more piercings.

  1. Find your perfect fit.

A bracelet needs to fit your wrists perfectly. If it’s too tight, your wrist will look bigger than it is and vice versa. Pick out bracelets in different widths and textures so you can take your arm party to the next level.

  1. Mix colors!

White, yellow or rose gold… I think mixing colors gives such an interesting vibe to your look. It was considered a sin to mix colors in the past, but times has definitely changed. I love to mix dual tones such as pink gold and white gold as it will add an interesting pop to any outfit.  

With love, Sofie