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The Edit with Morgane Van Marcke



Vegan foodie Morgane van Marcke answers this week’s pressing fashion and lifestyle questions from her go- to bakery spot to styling jewelry for date night and her wardrobe essentials. Let’s go!

Favourite Bakery?
My favoyrite bakery is Domestic in Antwerp. Such a cute place and their treats are amazing!

Favourite Beauty address?
My go to beauty address is Clinque Cinq for the best facials and nails!

Favourite flower shop?
I love Bloemen Cornelis, it’s where I get all my flowers and vases.

Favourite kind of sport?
I don’t do sport. Only pilates… is that a sport? :)

For what kind of food they can always wake you up?
For Chocolate. I’m up for it every moment of the day!!!

Favourite recipe from your e-book?
The Rice noodles, I make it every week! It’s just so delicious!

Favourite Valkiers piece and how would you style it?
My favourite piece is the Geneva earcuff… it’s a big sparkle piece that makes me really happy. I wear it with a simple dress so the piece can really stand out.

White gold, rose gold or yellow gold?
I’m a yellow gold kind of girl, for sure!  

One thing every girl should have in her wardrobe?
Nice jewelry and diamonds of course!

Your girlboss crush?
My mom! She’s my idol and inspiration…. I love her!  

Your go-to cocktail?
A Whiskey sour… njam!

What are your future plans?
I’m launching my cookbook ‘ The Radiant table’ which is coming out end of February. It’s full with plant based recipes. It’s such a dream coming true!

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